Archive | September, 2017

Can mushrooms trigger a skin rash?

Mushrooms can trigger a skin rash after directly handling or consuming them. This simply means that one is allergic to mushrooms. If the individual has mold allergy, he/she might experience an allergic reaction if mushrooms are eaten. It is important to note that mushrooms are included in the fungus family and can instigate the symptoms […]

Rib injuries: What are the commonly used physical therapy programs?

Various forms of rib injuries occur yearly. The pain can be intense and crippling while several ribs might end up cracked from vehicular accidents as well as falls, forceful episodes of coughing and sports. Breathing Most of the rib injuries requires a program specifically designed to promote deep breathing. Remember that breathing can be painful […]

Lower back pain remedies

Lower back pain is a common issue that can arise at any time. The back can be injured while playing sports, during vehicular accidents or in household accidents. The aging process can also damage the back as well. Consulting a doctor might be done at one point but there are measures that can be done […]

Blocked carotid artery: What are the side effects?

The carotid artery is positioned in both sides of the neck that supply blood to the head and brain. Conditions affecting the carotid arteries specifically atherosclerosis can result to obstruction that disrupts with the blood flow to the head. The blockage of the carotid artery is often left unnoticed until significant side effects of the […]

Can cycling trigger elbow pain?

Elbow pain that occurs while cycling might be an indication of tennis elbow. The condition arises if the tendons that link the forearm muscles to the elbow are inflamed due to overuse and stress. Using a poorly fitting bike might be a contributing factor to elbow pain. What are the indications? Individuals with tennis elbow […]

Close look on Sartorius pain

Sartorius pain is likely to occur if an individual has pulled or strained the Sartorius muscle. This generally triggers discomfort in the inner thigh or infection in the region of the outer hip. It is likely for this muscle to tighten since it is utilized in various leg movements. The Sartorius muscle is large and […]