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How to deal with isopropyl alcohol poisoning

Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol is a chemical present in rubbing alcohol, some cleaning products and hand sanitizers. Poisoning occurs once the liver could not manage the amount of isopropanol in the body. The ingestion of isopropyl alcohol might be by accident or intentional. Remember that it triggers rapid intoxication that some use to get drunk […]

Close look on epiglottitis

Epiglottitis involves swelling and inflammation of the epiglottis which is considered a potentially dangerous ailment. The epiglottis is positioned at the base of the tongue and composed mostly of cartilage. It functions as a valve to prevent food and fluids from moving into the windpipe while eating or drinking. The tissue of the epiglottis can […]

How to deal with facial skin blisters

Facial skin blisters can be brought about by various conditions. They can form at any age among healthy individuals, but most cases affect those with chronic health ailments, particularly those with weakened immune systems. The blisters can be painful or painless, filled with fluid, blood or bacteria and tend to have a thin exterior layer […]

Front neck pain: What are the possible causes?

Neck pain can be caused by various ailments that involve the neck ligaments, muscles, nerves, vertebrae and spinal discs. The pain might arise in any region of the neck including the front area. When it comes to front neck pain, it can be brought about by various medical conditions, traumatic injuries and throat infections. Common […]

Close look on a bone bruise

If a bone bruise occurs, it indicates a small injury on the bone surface. The discoloration manifests as blood and other bodily fluids accumulate at the site. It is likely to damage the bone, but more likely to occur on bones near the skin surface. Indications of a bone bruise The signs that indicate a […]

Remedies for middle earache

Most cases of middle earache are caused by inflammation or infection in the middle ear. Even though ear infections are prevalent among children, adults can also develop middle ear infections. The buildup of fluid within the ear can obstruct the Eustachian tubes and result to pressures changes, inflammation and ear pain. Individuals with acute ear […]