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Selecting the ideal knee brace

For those who are planning to purchase a knee brace, there are various choices available in the market. When looking for the right knee brace, an important consideration is to determine the type of injury or inflammation experienced by the individual. With this in mind, the individual must consult a doctor so that a proper diagnosis […]

Patella tendon injuries

The patella tendon is responsible for connecting the knee cap or patella to the tibia. It functions as a lever and a vital component in the movement of straightening the knee. Any injury to the patella tendon can range from a minor strain or a rupture, causing pain and dysfunction. Injuries to the patella tendon […]

Treatment for iron burns

One of the hazards of using an electric iron in smoothen out wrinkles on clothing is burns. Most cases of iron burns are minor and the first aid care focuses on pain relief, preventing infection and further damage to the burned skin. What you need to know about an electric iron A hot electric iron […]

Treatment for a grease burn

Burns that are caused by exposure to boiling grease are classified as second-degree burns that necessitate appropriate care to prevent scarring or infection. Depending on the harshness of the grease burn, there are various treatment methods that can be used. In case you are uncertain on how to deal with a burn caused by exposure […]

Recovery period for an ankle sprain

An ankle sprain is due to the overstretching or tearing of the ligaments surrounding the joint. The recovery time usually depends on the severity of the damage to the ligaments. How ankle sprains are graded? Doctors categorize sprains in three levels. It is important that you are familiar with the three levels of sprains so […]