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What are the indications of hyperventilation?

Throughout the years, hyperventilation has been tangled up with a panic attack since both circumstances typically produce a comparable symptom – shortness of breath. Nevertheless, it is important to note that hyperventilation typically occurs once the body breathes out carbon dioxide at a quicker rate than it is being made. As for a panic attack, […]

How to change bandages

Observing proper provisions when changing bandages can make a big difference between a properly cured wound and a developing infection. Always bear in mind that open wounds are prone to bacteria as well as small debris such as dirt. You have to cover the wound with bandages on a regular basis and also require changing […]

Treatment for an eyebrow cut

It is a known fact that small-sized cuts can cause a lot of pain but they are rarely life-threatening. When providing basic first aid, you have to control the bleeding first, clean the wound and provide protection to the wound from bacteria and unwanted debris. An eyebrow cut can be considered somewhat complicated. The small […]