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Pectoral muscle strain

The pectoral muscles are large, visible muscles situated on each side of the chest. These muscles are responsible in helping the shoulders and arms move and lift. When performing a push-up, the pectoral muscles are activated. As the strongest muscles in the body, they are less likely to end up strained or pulled, but it […]

Selecting the ideal knee brace

For those who are planning to purchase a knee brace, there are various choices available in the market. When looking for the right knee brace, an important consideration is to determine the type of injury or inflammation experienced by the individual. With this in mind, the individual must consult a doctor so that a proper diagnosis […]

Patella tendon injuries

The patella tendon is responsible for connecting the knee cap or patella to the tibia. It functions as a lever and a vital component in the movement of straightening the knee. Any injury to the patella tendon can range from a minor strain or a rupture, causing pain and dysfunction. Injuries to the patella tendon […]