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Vaginitis refers to inflammation of the vagina often caused due to an infection; yeast infection is the leading cause of vaginitis in women. Most women experience vaginitis during some time of their lives. A woman with vaginitis may experience symptoms such as vaginal discharge, vaginal redness, vaginal itching, groin rash and vaginal odor. Treatment for […]

Broken nose

A broken nose or a nasal fracture refers to a crack or break of the bone in the nose. Usually the bone located over the bridge of the nose is affected. Causes Injuries resulting from contact sports such as football Physical assault Fist fights Motor vehicle accidents Falls Walking into a hard surface Boxing or […]

Common colds - First aid and prevention

Common colds: First aid and prevention

Treatment of common cold often involves treating the symptoms and alleviating any symptoms that may cause discomfort. Follow these tips: Make sure you drink lots of fluids. These include plenty of water, warm lemon water or clear broths. These fluids will compensate for the fluid being lost during fever and mucus production. Make sure you […]


Hypertension refers to high blood pressure and is commonly known as the ‘silent killer’. This is because even at very high blood pressures, the condition does not show any signs or symptoms except in some cases where people may experience mild headaches, nosebleeds or dizziness. The severity of high blood pressure increases without any notice […]

5 Methods of First Aid for Poisons

In workplace approved first-aid classes’ students will be taught to provide care for individuals who might be affected individuals of poisons. A lot of 1st aid attendants are uncertain with caring for poisoned individuals so this weblog will, with luck, streamline the rescue and share some knowledge to would-be rescuers. This document will list the […]