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Overview on febrile seizure

A febrile seizure is a convulsion triggered by an erratic electrical activity in the brain nerve cells brought about by fever. Babies and children often have ailments that are accompanied by fever. An episode of fever might instigate a seizure at some point during childhood. The precise cause of a febrile seizure is not known. […]

Child care: What is molluscum contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum is one of the prevalent skin rashes that affects children that many parents are not aware or familiar with. Essentially, a diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum is often encountered with surprise as most have not even heard of it before. Similar to warts, molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection quite prevalent among school-age children. […]

Common skin rashes in babies

It is considered normal for infants to develop skin rashes as early as a few days old since their sensitive skin adapts to a different environment. Most forms of rashes are relatively harmless and vanish after some time. On the other hand, if the baby develop skin rashes and seem unwell or if worried, consult […]

Treating a toddler with blisters

Blisters are described as elevated pouches of skin that are filled with fluid and caused by friction on the skin of a toddler but can also be a side effect of contact-related dermatitis or a severe diaper rash. These blisters are not only painful, but can be easily infested with bacteria and germs, thus resulting […]