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Pericarditis refers to the inflammation of the pericardium, the tough double  membranous layer covering the heart which the space in between the layers are filled with serous fluid which acts as a shock absorber in protecting the heart from forceful shock or jerking. The pericardial layer of the heart functions as a barrier in limiting […]

Preventing Infection in the Community

Preventing infection in the community is one of the primary goal of health care workers designated in the care of a community of people. The local as well as the state public health departments share this responsibility of maintaining and safeguarding the health of people by setting guidelines and policies of healthful practices to be […]

Emergency Care for Severed Neck Blood Vessels

Injuries involving the neck are always considered serious, regardless of its cause. Knowing first aid for severed neck blood vessels is essential in preventing catastrophic bleeding. The neck is an essential part of the human body. Aside from holding the head and connecting it to the body, it houses many vital structures such as major […]