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Child care: How to prevent secondary drowning

Secondary drowning occurs after an individual seems to recover from drowning. The child might go underwater but appears fine even though water has entered the lungs or oxygen has been impaired to a point in which the child manifests life-threatening symptoms as time passes after the initial drowning accident. It is important to note that […]

Critical Incidence Reporting: The Role of First Aid Saskatoon Classes

Not many people are aware of the fact that first aid Saskatoon rescuers are highly respected by healthcare professionals because of their role in critical incidence reporting. This is why there are some who think that taking first aid Saskatoon classes is not that important in the community. Here is what people need to learn […]

Preventing Infection in the Community

Preventing infection in the community is one of the primary goal of health care workers designated in the care of a community of people. The local as well as the state public health departments share this responsibility of maintaining and safeguarding the health of people by setting guidelines and policies of healthful practices to be […]

What Are Vital Signs?

When you visit any healthcare facility, you may hear the medical staff talk about vital signs. Read on to learn more about how to take vital signs. As the name suggests, vital signs are an essential component of the assessment process. First aiders need to know how to take these vital signs. It is crucial […]

Different Types of First Aid and CPR Courses

Lots of people have to be licensed in cardiopulmonary resuscitation or first aid for educational or work reasons. Several applicants suspect that they are required to register for two standalone classes, one particular for first aid in addition to the other for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Fortuitously, many of the main Canadian first aid companies that […]

Open Wounds: Proper First Aid Procedure

First Aid Saskatoon is able to provide all individuals and businesses with workplace approved AED CPR training courses/re-certifications. This article will focus on the open wounds component of workplace approved first aid and CPR training as offered by Saskatoon First Aid. Hands-on training and skill development is included in all first aid courses and candidates […]

Shaken Baby Syndrome SBS

First Aid Saskatoon provides workplace approved CPR AED training courses for all employment sectors and levels. This particular blog focuses on those in the infant care sector but general education on this scenario may help prevent such an event from taking place. This topic is covered in detail and with hands-on training in workplace approved […]

Infant and Baby First Aid CPR AED

First Aid Saskatoon can offer individuals of all skill levels the proper training to administer infant and baby CPR and AED training courses. Courses that include training and certification in CPR for infant victims include standard first aid, emergency first aid with CPR level “C”, stand-alone CPR level “C” and health care provider CPR (CPR […]

Circulation Emergencies: Identification and Prevention

This post on circulation emergencies is additional and comprehensive information that is supplemental to workplace approved first aid courses. Circulatory emergencies are covered in all of the first aid and CPR courses in Saskatoon offered through Saskatoon First Aid. One of the leading causes of death in Canada is cardiovascular disease and it is extremely […]