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Can cycling trigger elbow pain?

Elbow pain that occurs while cycling might be an indication of tennis elbow. The condition arises if the tendons that link the forearm muscles to the elbow are inflamed due to overuse and stress. Using a poorly fitting bike might be a contributing factor to elbow pain. What are the indications? Individuals with tennis elbow […]

Close look on Sartorius pain

Sartorius pain is likely to occur if an individual has pulled or strained the Sartorius muscle. This generally triggers discomfort in the inner thigh or infection in the region of the outer hip. It is likely for this muscle to tighten since it is utilized in various leg movements. The Sartorius muscle is large and […]

Do I have a scratched eye?

A scratched eye or corneal abrasion occurs if an object scrapes the eye or if a foreign object damages the cornea. Since the cornea is a delicate structure, it is prone to injury. Depending on the severity of the damage, the symptoms are non-existent, minimal, slightly annoying or severe. A scratched cornea generally heals without […]

Potato allergy: What are the signs?

Individuals with potato allergy usually experience symptoms after consumption. Even though many children outgrow the allergy, adults who develop the allergy might have it for life. Individuals who are allergic to latex or birch pollen face a higher risk for ending up with potato allergy. Close look on the indications of potato allergy Itchiness and […]

Whole milk allergy

A true milk allergy is a reaction to one or both proteins in milk – casein and whey. Both are present in any milk variant whether skim or whole. An actual allergy triggers respiratory, digestive and skin issues including hives and itchiness and can even lead to anaphylaxis. Is there a difference between intolerance and […]

Discus throwing injuries

Discus throwing requires correct and safe techniques. This involves a distinct hurling method that involves spinning the body a number of times and letting go a plate-shaped item from the hand out into the air. All the muscles from the feet, core and shoulders are utilized in discus throwing. Initially, preparing a throw requires using […]