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Dislocated vertebra

A dislocated vertebra involves displacement of the small bones in the neck. This tends to occur right after a traumatic injury involving the neck or head especially in vehicular accidents or falls from a great height. What are the symptoms? Abrupt pain in the neck caused by a direct force or acute injury Tenderness when […]

Emergency Care for Severed Neck Blood Vessels

Injuries involving the neck are always considered serious, regardless of its cause. Knowing first aid for severed neck blood vessels is essential in preventing catastrophic bleeding. The neck is an essential part of the human body. Aside from holding the head and connecting it to the body, it houses many vital structures such as major […]

First Aid for Head Injuries

Head injuries can be commonly seen in falls, assault victims, road traffic accidents and sports related accidents. These range from sharp force trauma leading to cuts and lacerations at one end to blunt head trauma causing contusions and skull fractures resulting from both types above. Apart from the injuries to the external structures like skin, […]