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Indications of a stiff neck

The symptoms of a stiff neck typically include pain, soreness and difficulty turning the head. The individual will also suffer from headaches along with arm or shoulder pain along with stiff neck. In most cases, a stiff neck can develop due to a muscle strain and typically vanishes in a few days with proper care […]

Management for a pulled groin

A pulled groin or strain basically speak of an overly stretched muscle or tear to any of the adductor muscles that traverse down the interior of the thigh as well as responsible for pulling the legs in unison. It is important to note that the adductor longus muscle is considered as the commonly affected typically […]

What are abdominal cramps?

The body is comprised of various organs where abdominal pain can originate. In most cases, abdominal cramps can be triggered by an abrupt contraction of the muscle or an involuntary spasm that causes pain with a stabbing sensation. The precise cause is as apparent when the abdominal cramps are triggered by the muscle spasms within […]

What you need to know about allergic reactions to preservatives

If an unexplained rash, hives or stomach distress occurs, it can indicate an undiagnosed allergy. The preservatives that are present in foods as well as other consumer products are responsible for triggering an allergic reaction. In most cases, the symptoms are mild but some can suffer from severe reactions. Those who are allergic to preservatives […]

Splinting for wrist tendonitis

Tendonitis on the forearm, hands or wrist occurs when the tendons passing through these areas become swollen. Severe cases of tendonitis can cause a lot of pain and can be debilitating to the individual. There are first aid measures and treatment that you can provide if an individual is suspected with wrist tendonitis. The individual […]

Treatment for leg edema

It is important to note that edema is a characterized as the swelling of a particular body part due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. This condition can occur in any part of the body but it commonly occurs in the lower legs, ankles and feet. Always remember that edema can be triggered […]