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Pufferfish poisoning

Pufferfish poisoning can occur among those who eat pufferfish. The fish is served as an Asian delicacy in some forms of sashimi and sushi. The poison present in the fish is tetrodotoxin which is one of the most toxic poisons in nature. The chef preparing dishes that include pufferfish are specially trained to slice the […]

Blue nightshade poisoning

Blue nightshade is an herbaceous plant that can cause poisoning. It is important to note that poisoning can occur by accident or intentionally after swallowing the plant or its products. The poisonous part of the plant is solanine and atropine which is generally found in the leaves and fruits of the plant. What are the […]

Poisoning from cold wave lotion

Cold wave lotion is a grooming product utilized in styling hair via the cold perm process. The perming process is typically carried out in salons, but a home perm kit is available at stores. If cold wave lotion is accidentally or intentionally swallowed, it can lead to poisoning. Exposure can also occur if the lotion […]

Close look on insecticide poisoning

Insecticide poisoning can occur by accident or intentionally after ingesting any product that contains insecticides. It is important to note that insecticides are utilized to eliminate insects including parasitic worms, bugs and pests. Type of insecticides Organic – these are chemical compounds comprised of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen that includes organophosphates and organochlorides. Inorganic – […]

How to deal with isopropyl alcohol poisoning

Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol is a chemical present in rubbing alcohol, some cleaning products and hand sanitizers. Poisoning occurs once the liver could not manage the amount of isopropanol in the body. The ingestion of isopropyl alcohol might be by accident or intentional. Remember that it triggers rapid intoxication that some use to get drunk […]

How to deal with household poisons

Children below 3 years of age are likely to place anything that they can find in their mouths, including household poisons, medications and chemicals. These substances should be properly stored and out of reach. Risk for poisoning Poisoning due to household poisons usually occur among children below 5 years old. It is quite common among […]

Can raw oysters cause diarrhea?

Eating raw oysters can put an individual at risk for health issues including diarrhea if not careful. Once an individual experiences diarrhea after eating raw oysters, it might be an indication of a shellfish allergy or food poisoning which initiates the digestive tract to rapidly eliminate the detrimental substance out of the body. Diarrhea is […]

Potential causes of poisoning

Always bear in mind that medications are the most prevalent cause of poisoning and responsible for most cases. There are also other potential causes of poisoning that can lead to mild to severe poisoning. It is important that you are familiar with the potential causes so that you are prepared with what to do. Medications […]

Food poisoning treatment: Chicken

If an individual just recently ate chicken and ends up suffering from symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, appetite loss and fatigue, food poisoning might be the culprit. It is important to note that food poisoning can be triggered by consuming expired chicken, incorrectly cooked chicken or bacteria from raw chicken that contaminated other foods. […]

Management of ethyl alcohol poisoning

Certain beverages such as wine, beer and hard liquor all contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Once these beverages are consumed appropriately, ethyl alcohol is considered harmless. Excessive consumption of ethyl alcohol at a quick manner can lead to detrimental consequences, including death. Always bear in mind that ethyl alcohol poisoning is considered as a medical […]