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Overview on osteophytes

Osteophytes are bony lumps or spurs that form on the bones of the spine or around the joints. Generally, they develop close to the joints affected by osteoarthritis. The osteophytes can form any bone, but they are often found in the following: Neck Knee Shoulder Foot or heel Lower back Big toe or fingers What […]

Close look on ankle fractures

Ankle fractures are common injuries often due to the rolling inward or outward of the ankle. Fractures affecting the ankle can range from minor avulsion injuries to significant crushing-type damage affecting the fibula, tibia or both. Many mistake ankle fractures for a sprain, but they are relatively different and require a prompt and accurate diagnosis. […]

Clavicle fracture

A clavicle fracture involves damage to the clavicle bone that travels along the anterior of the shoulder up to the sternum in the center of the chest. The clavicle is usually damaged from falls onto an extended arm or onto the shoulder itself. It can also occur during contact sports such as rugby or football. […]

Fractured larynx

Fractured larynx involves damage to the voice box. This condition is due to high-impact vehicular accidents or a direct strike to the throat during sports. Among children, it might be due to a fall. The damage varies from minor weakness of the vocal cord or even fractures of the cartilaginous structures in the voice box. […]

Femoral neck fracture

A femoral neck fracture is common among the elderly. This is a debilitating injury and can take several months of recovery and lengthy rehabilitation. In most cases, this type of fracture is due to falls. What are the causes? The main cause of a femoral neck fracture is osteoporosis. In this condition, it causes the […]

Tibia stress fracture

A tibia stress fracture can develop due to various factors. The tibia is the bigger of the 2 shin bones as well as a weight bearing bone. It is prone to stress fractures especially in the lower third region. What are the causes? The usual causes of a tibia stress fracture include overload on the […]

Broken toe

A broken toe can cause significant pain and due to severe trauma or impact. The injury typically involves one of the phalanges bones comprising the toes but a stress fracture is likely to occur gradually over time. The indications of a broken toe due to a traumatic injury includes abrupt pain at the time of […]

Broken collarbone

The collarbone is one of the major bones comprising the shoulder joint. It is responsible for supporting the shoulder up and together with the scapula and AC joint, provides strength and stability. In addition, it also protects the blood vessels and nerves from the neck up to the shoulder. What are the causes? A broken […]