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Rib injuries: What are the commonly used physical therapy programs?

Various forms of rib injuries occur yearly. The pain can be intense and crippling while several ribs might end up cracked from vehicular accidents as well as falls, forceful episodes of coughing and sports. Breathing Most of the rib injuries requires a program specifically designed to promote deep breathing. Remember that breathing can be painful […]

Elbow joint pain: What are the ideal relief measures?

Elbow joint pain might be an indication of tennis elbow, tendinitis, bursitis or a muscle strain. Generally, discomfort arises if the tendons, muscles and joints are strained or overly used. The initial treatment aimed on relieving the elbow joint pain is the same, regardless of the specific condition present. Measures to alleviate elbow joint pain […]

Overview on osteophytes

Osteophytes are bony lumps or spurs that form on the bones of the spine or around the joints. Generally, they develop close to the joints affected by osteoarthritis. The osteophytes can form any bone, but they are often found in the following: Neck Knee Shoulder Foot or heel Lower back Big toe or fingers What […]

Close look on ankle fractures

Ankle fractures are common injuries often due to the rolling inward or outward of the ankle. Fractures affecting the ankle can range from minor avulsion injuries to significant crushing-type damage affecting the fibula, tibia or both. Many mistake ankle fractures for a sprain, but they are relatively different and require a prompt and accurate diagnosis. […]