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Management of shark bites

Shark bites are known to cause significant skin and tissue damage. It is important to note that sharks possess several rows of sharp, triangular, serrated teeth. Sustaining a bite from a shark can result to massive tissue loss due to the strong biting force of the creature. Generally, most bites result to cuts that are […]

Animal bite

An animal bite can occur to anyone. It might occur while camping or hiking where a wild animal attacks to protect itself. In some cases, it can occur in the neighborhood after playing with a neighbor’s dog. Various types of animals can cause bites on both children and adults. Most cases are caused by the […]

Overview on an open wound

An open wound is described as damage involving an internal or external break in the tissues, usually the skin. Almost everyone has experienced an open wound at some point in life. In most cases, an open wound is minor and can be remedied at home. Vehicular accidents, falls or accidents involving tools or pointed objects […]