Potential effects of a mild heart attack

A mild heart attack can cause effects that are vague and brief or lasting which leads to severe side effects. Many are not aware that they had a heart attack until a doctor is seen for unsettled ambiguous symptoms. The seriousness of the effects of a mild heart attack is also based on the overall health of the individual.

Common effects after a mild heart attack


After a heart attack, the heart muscle is weakened. The heart could not drive blood to the entire body as efficiently as before. Even though the muscle recovers, engaging in simple daily activities can make the individual feel very tired.

It is recommended to slowly increase the activity level. At first, the individual should take breaks throughout the day.

Chest discomfort


Angina or chest discomfort is a usual effect after a mild heart attack.

Angina or chest discomfort is a usual effect after a mild heart attack. The damage to the heart muscle can lead to diminished blood flow to the heart, resulting to chest pain. In case the coronary arteries are blocked, the discomfort is likely to arise both at rest or during exertion.

Irregular heart rhythms

A mild heart attack can trigger heart arrhythmias which are erratic heart rhythms. If a region of the heart muscle was damaged during an attack, its capability to direct an impulse to beat might be impaired.

This can lead to erratic heartbeats and rhythms. The indications of an arrhythmia generally include racing heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath or passing out. A doctor should be seen if any of these are present.


Some individuals who had a heart attack might suffer from depression during recovery. The individual might feel depressed due to his/her fear of death. There is a feeling of losing control on his/her life.

After a heart attack, the individual might be frightened to take part in regular activities due to fear of experiencing another attack. Individuals are closely observed for depression after a heart attack.

Heart failure

Heart failure can also be an effect after a mild heart attack. The impairment of the heart muscle might diminish the pumping action of the heart. In case the left side is damaged, the individual might experience shortness of breath, fatigue, low blood pressure and chest pain.

If the right side is affected, the individual might have backflow of fluid into the venous system which results to swelling in the lower legs, chest, shortness of breath and weakness.

Quick Note / Disclaimer

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