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Skin rashes: What are the responsible vines?

Allergic skin rashes arise if the skin was exposed to an allergen. It is important to note that allergic contact dermatitis manifests if the body perceives a foreign substance as a threat and releases chemicals This triggers redness, swelling and itchiness characteristic of allergic skin rashes. Various vines are known to trigger these allergic reactions. […]

Can chocolate trigger skin rashes?

Skin rashes that develop after consumption or directly handling chocolate is simply a response of the immune system to cocoa or other components present in the product. A usual adverse reaction after eating chocolate is skin rashes. Those who have highly sensitive skin might end up with inflammation after direct contact with chocolate. If allergic […]

Common skin rashes in babies

It is considered normal for infants to develop skin rashes as early as a few days old since their sensitive skin adapts to a different environment. Most forms of rashes are relatively harmless and vanish after some time. On the other hand, if the baby develop skin rashes and seem unwell or if worried, consult […]