Transport of Dangerous Goods

Occupational Safety in Canada

There is a lot of risk in transporting dangerous goods or hazardous materials, especially for the handler or transporter. In Canada, both the employer and worker are protected from the dangers of hazards through occupational health and safety legislation. According to nationwide and provincial acts on occupational safety, workers who handle and transport hazardous materials need to be trained in Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG). Another important training program is the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), also available at Saskatoon First Aid.

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) are usually byproducts and waste from factories but there are instances when HAZMAT are actually using during production as a component, rather than a byproduct. The risks associated with transferring these kinds of goods are injuries and damage to property and the environment. To prevent these risks, training in TDG is very important.

The TDG program at Saskatoon First Aid

Saskatoon is governed by Saskatchewan’s provincial laws on occupational safety, meaning all business that transport hazardous materials need to train their employees in TDG and WHMIS. The Transport of Dangerous Goods program at Saskatoon First Aid is available as classroom and online courses. The classroom course lasts four hours and the online course lasts three hours.

There are nine units or modules in TDG training. In the classroom course, there is a short quiz at the end of each unit. Similarly, at the end of every lecture module in the online TDG course there is a short test that the student needs to pass before proceeding to the next module. All your scores are tallied and recorded in our database, even after you have already been certified. This ensures that if ever a student needsa new copy of his or her TDG credential, we can provide it without asking the student to take all the tests again.

TDG Credentials

Unlike training certificates for first aid and CPR, TDG credentials do not expire. That means a certified trainee doesn’t need to keep taking TDG training every few years to┬ákeep his/her credentials valid. If you want an update, you can choose to take the Transport of Dangerous Goods program again and opt out of the exams.

Signing Up at Saskatoon First Aid

Saskatoon First Aid offers different application methods to students. The most popular is the most convenient, which is online application below. Once you click the button, you will find a form that can be filled up with all your details. Submitted requests are processed during the next business day so you will only be confirmed for a slot during that time. However, students still prefer this method because you can course your payment online without having to leave your home. This method is targeted towards people who do not have time to visit us during our business hours (8 AM – 5 PM) and sign up in person.

That said, students are encouraged to visit the training location and sign up in person, since your slot is immediately confirmed once you make the payment and sign all necessary documents.

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