What are the signs of head trauma to watch out for?

Every year, many individuals are affected by some form of head trauma. Always bear in mind that head trauma is categorized as an injury to the neck, head, scalp or brain. This form of trauma is considered as a serious injury that can result to major health problems including death. In case an individual has recently been involved in this form of injury, there are various symptoms that you have to watch out for in order to determine the severity of the injury.


The immediate indication of head trauma is a headache. In any circumstance in which the head sustained a direct blow, a headache is usually expected. On the other hand, the severity of the headache is considered as a chief factor. A headache due to mild head injury must subside within a few minutes to hours and should only trigger minor pain.

In case the headache does not seem to subside or intensely harsh, it might be an indication of a bigger issue such as a fractured skull or swollen brain. In case this form of headache lasts after sustaining the head trauma, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

Confusion or loss of consciousness

The symptoms that are linked to head trauma might develop in just a matter of hours or days. Just because the individual does not have any indications of trauma does not necessarily mean that he/she is fine. As the head trauma progresses, the individual will start to lose consciousness or becomes drowsy.

Even if the individual was alert right after sustaining an injury, these symptoms can occur hours after the trauma. If the individual experienced head trauma and then hours later starts to lose consciousness, a doctor should be consulted.

Head trauma

The immediate indication of head trauma is a headache.

Generalized confusion is also an indication that is related as the individual might not notice the confusion right away. Make sure that you will pay close attention to the movements and conversation of the individual since this can help determine if they are becoming confused.

What are the other symptoms?

Even if the individual appears fine and does not have a headache, there are other indications that might indicate a trauma that can start to manifest as time passes by. You have to watch out for changes in the pupil size or distorted facial features as an indication of brain damage.

The other symptoms include loss of taste, impaired hearing or vision, limited movement in the legs or arms, clumsiness, personality changes, slurred speech, drop in the blood pressure, limited neck movement and vomiting. In case the individual starts to show any of these symptoms right after a head injury, bring the individual to the nearest emergency department. Remember that it is better to stay safe when it comes to head trauma. Always watch out for reappearance of any of these symptoms. Oftentimes, the individual will experience these signs and start to get better. Once this occurs, the symptoms can return even worse than before.


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