What are the symptoms of acute alcohol poisoning?

Always bear in mind that alcohol poisoning is considered as a dangerous consequence of consuming large amounts of alcohol in just a short span of time. This commonly occurs among those who quickly consume more than five drinks of alcoholic beverages. The overdose of alcohol can drastically affect the breathing and heart rate of the individual and can even lead to the loss of consciousness and even death. By being familiar with the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, you can quickly help out an individual by bringing him/her to the hospital so that appropriate treatment can be provided.

Nausea and vomiting

The initial signs of alcohol poisoning include nausea that is quickly followed by vomiting. Always bear in mind that these symptoms serve as the response of the body to the excessive alcohol flooding the bodily system. The amount of alcohol ingested is too much for the body to metabolize. As a response, the body attempts to eliminate the excess alcohol which is done through episodes of vomiting. By enrolling in a first aid class, you know what to do when the individual suspected of alcohol poisoning starts to vomit.

Alcohol poisoning

The initial signs of alcohol poisoning include nausea that is quickly followed by vomiting.

Walking difficulty

Excess consumption of alcohol will eventually cause walking difficulty. The individual will sway in a side-to-side motion which simply indicates alcohol overdose. This occurs since parts of the brain that control walking and balance are damaged. An individual who consumed alcohol and could not walk properly should be given treatment for possible alcohol poisoning.

Even if you initially believed that walking difficulty typically occurs once an individual is drunk, it actually indicates alcohol poisoning that must be treated right away.

Decline in the mental status

Individuals suspected with alcohol poisoning can manifest a fast decline in the mental status. The individual will become confused and unable to explain his/her current behavior or the environment around him/her. In no time, the individual will enter a state of drunkenness or stupor where he/she will fall asleep and difficult to rouse. In some cases, an individual can abruptly lose consciousness and pass out. The quick depression in the mental state can indicate severe alcohol poisoning.

Erratic behavior

Individuals who have consumed excess amounts of alcohol often manifest quick changes in the behavior. Take note that these changes can become even more evident among those who are suffering from alcohol poisoning. An individual can become aggressive in one moment then become depressed after some time. Episodes of laughter can be followed by heated outbursts. Always bear in mind that these mood swings can occur due to the adverse effect of alcohol on the brain.

Shallow breathing

The effects of alcohol on the respiratory system of the individual are considered the most serious. Overdose on alcohol can cause shallow breathing. The individual can breathe as little as eight times in a minute. If left untreated, it can lead to death due to respiratory failure.


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