Archive | October, 2017

Joint pain: What are the culprits?

Joint pain triggered by food generally stems from gout. The condition is triggered by the elevated amounts of uric acid in the body that crystallize and deposit in the tissues and joints. This results to inflammation that results to joint pain and rigidity. The foods that are rich in purines can lead to excess uric […]

Are juniper berries toxic?

Juniper berries are utilized in herbal medicine as well as flavoring for certain foods and even gin. Even though labelled as berries, they are part of the cone and not an actual berry. Most can safely ingest juniper berries in the amounts utilized in food, but some should avoid consuming them in medicinal doses. Usage […]

Calcium hydroxide: What are the dangers?

Calcium hydroxide is the product of water and calcium oxide. It is characterized by its strong base pH and has various purposes. Remember though that calcium hydroxide is also toxic and can trigger significant health issues if exposed. Ingestion Unintentional ingestion of calcium hydroxide can trigger intense throat pain, abdominal pain, burning sensation in the […]

Do I have dandelion allergy?

Dandelion allergy is generally associated to ragweed allergies. Ragweed plants including dandelion release pollen during the late summer season up to fall. The pollen of these plants are spread by the wind and travel for miles. Consulting an allergist can properly diagnose the allergy and suggest the suitable treatments to lessen the symptoms. What are […]

Spicy foods: Am I allergic?

Some spicy foods can trigger an allergic reaction among highly sensitive individuals. A reaction such as sweating is considered as food sensitivity, not an actual food allergy. An allergic response includes itchy mouth, hives, throat tightness or wheezing. Aside from sweating, other symptoms such as runny nose, gas, headaches or diarrhea are usual food sensitivities. […]

Albuterol: What are the potential side effects?

Albuterol is given to manage various respiratory conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. The solution works by making breathing easier by opening the air passages to the lungs. The albuterol solution is transformed into a mist by a nebulizer to be inhaled. Remember though that it can trigger certain side effects that […]