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Can amoxicillin trigger allergies?

Amoxicillin is one of the drugs included in the beta-lactam antibiotic family and widely used for bacterial infections. Since it is affordable than the other antibiotics, it is generally prescribed to manage ailments such as middle ear infections, strep throat, dental infections, gonorrhea as well as upper or lower respiratory tract infections. Why allergies develop? […]

Infant seizures: What are the possible causes?

Seizures occur if the electrical signs in the brain become chaotic. Among infants, the signs of a seizure might be non-specific and vary from smacking of the lips and groan-like noises to a full-blown generalized shaking of the body. The seizures that occur among infants have various causes including metabolic ailments, infections, birth injuries, trauma […]

Close look on the benefits of a pacemaker

A pacemaker functions by normalizing the heart rhythm and improves the quality of life. The device is recommended for individuals with fluctuating grades of cardiac distress, thus the benefits tend to vary. Pacemakers are small-sized electronic devices that are implanted via surgery within the upper chest. It has the main purpose to monitor the heart […]