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Side effects of sucrose

Excessive amount of sucrose is not beneficial to the body. Sucrose or commonly called as table sugar is available in raw form but also present in processed foods and baked goods. Due to the high calorie content of sucrose without any nutritional value, it is recommended to limit the amount ingested. For men, the intake […]

Rye grass allergy

It is a known fact that grass allergies are quite common and if an individual is allergic to a particular type of grass such as rye grass, he/she is also likely to develop an allergic reaction to all types of grass due to cross-pollination. The grass allergy season typically starts around May and up to […]

What is oatmeal allergy?

Just like with any food allergy, an individual who has oatmeal allergy can develop an allergic reaction any time and can be fatal. In most cases, babies are highly susceptible to develop oatmeal allergy both external and internal. On the other hand, even adults can develop this food allergy that can be triggered by hormonal, […]

Allergy to latex mattresses

It cannot be denied that latex mattresses can offer the best comfort and support for individuals who are suffering from back problems. The mattresses made out of latex are highly resistant to mold, dust mites and mildew, making them the best option for those who have asthma. On the other hand, there are some individuals […]

Management of fish allergy

Fish allergy is more often experienced by adults than children. This is due to the fact that adults usually eat fish more often and eventually build up an allergic response to fish. However, children can still develop fish allergy. There are some individuals who do not have fish allergy but can experience one if the […]