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Overview on wound closure

Wound closure is performed with sutures using thread or staples, depending on the form and location of a wound. Whether caused by injuries or surgical procedures, wounds should be closed to promote proper healing and minimize the risk for infection. The placement of sutures is a surgical procedure of bringing the skin and tissue together […]


Cellulitis is characterized as skin and tissue inflammation that is triggered by a bacterial infection. This condition typically affects the lower leg but can develop in any part of the body. The infection starts once bacteria enters the skin via a wound or an insect bite. Nevertheless, it can develop without any evident damage to […]

Overview on a first-degree burn

A first-degree burn or superficial burn only affects the upper skin layer. This type of burn is the mildest form of skin injury and does not necessitate medical care. Nevertheless, some cases can be quite painful or large, thus requiring assessment by a doctor. What are the characteristics? The indications of a first-degree burn are […]