Critical Incidence Reporting: The Role of First Aid Saskatoon Classes

Not many people are aware of the fact that first aid Saskatoon rescuers are highly respected by healthcare professionals because of their role in critical incidence reporting. This is why there are some who think that taking first aid Saskatoon classes is not that important in the community. Here is what people need to learn about critical incidence reporting and the role of first aid rescuers in this type of medical rescue chain.

What is Critical Incidence Reporting?

Critical Injuries

Critical Injuries

In 2004, the Saskatchewan Critical Incident Reporting Guidelines were formed and implemented through the legislation that was signed in the province of Saskatchewan. It aims to organize several healthcare institution in order to keep an accurate record of critical incidents such as loss of limbs in the province which can be used to promote better healthcare delivery. Three years after its legislation, an amendment was passed to include the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency as one of the healthcare institutions that should follow the critical reporting guidelines because of the critical nature of the disease.

What is the Chain of Command?

This medical chain is governed by a regional health authority or a healthcare organization which is responsible for collecting the data that was gathered in a city or a smaller area in the province. It is the responsibility of these bodies to identify an event in which a patient’s life was in danger. They are then required to submit their report to the Provincial Quality of Care Coordinators which will pass the information to the Ministry of Health. This review will be evaluated by many healthcare and government agencies to determine any changes that should be made to the current healthcare system and the guidelines that are being followed in these medical situations.

What is Role of First Aid Saskatoon Classes?

Without trained rescuers, these regional health authorities or a healthcare organizations will not be able to determine the exact number of casualties in the area and provide accurate information. Considering that these organizations are made of relatively small number of people or members, keeping an accurate tally can be near impossible. However, if citizens or residents actively participate by taking first aid Saskatoon classes, more critical incidents will be spotted and regional health authorities will find it easier to keep an accurate tally of critical incidents. This is why taking first aid classes is highly beneficial not just for those who are living in Saskatoon but also for those who are living in other parts of Saskatchewan.


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