Food allergies: Be prepared with a suitable first aid kit

Children with food allergies are always at risk for exposure to food allergens. Remember that despite careful labelling, avoidance or sanitizing, there are instances in which the symptoms could not be prevented from developing.

This is the reason why it is vital to be prepared to deal with an allergic reaction once it occurs. Among those who have food allergies, a suitable first aid kit can be created that must be on hand at home or at work. As for children, provide a kit to his/her teacher, baby sitters and at any location he/she stays frequently.

What should be included in a first aid kit?

Epinephrine for food allergies

Among those who are prone to severe allergies, a shot of epinephrine which is a hormone must be given as soon as a reaction starts can mean the difference between life and death.

It is vital to store at least one epinephrine auto-injector in the first aid kit. Carefully note down the expiration dates and replace them before expiration.

Food allergies

It is vital to store at least one epinephrine auto-injector in the first aid kit.

Do not leave the epinephrine in any vehicle or anywhere in which the temperatures can rise too hot or cold. The variations in the temperature might reduce the effectiveness of the shot. In addition, it is vital to keep the instructions on hand so that those who are assisting during the episode can administer the medication. Do not forget to inform family members, friends and co-workers where the kit is stored.

Liquid antihistamines

The antihistamine medications work by targeting the histamine or chemicals in the body produced during a reaction. Antihistamines can slow down or stop an episode of reactions to food allergies if given rapidly. If there is no epinephrine auto-injector available or the individual could not administer a shot, using a dose of liquid antihistamine can save one’s life.

It usually takes a few minutes to take effect as the medication slows down the response of the body. This can make a big difference when trying to get to the emergency department.

The antihistamines in pill form also work but the liquid variants work faster. The chewable antihistamines also work faster. Do not forget to replace this medication before its expiration date.


It is vital to keep an inhaler in the first aid kit if the individual experiences severe breathing issues or asthma-like symptoms during an allergic response. Make sure that the expiration date is monitored.

An inhaler is only used if prescribed by the doctor and do not use the inhaler of another individual.

Medical information

A medical information sheet regarding the food allergy of the individual must be included in the kit. The vital details that must be stated include the food or substance the individual is allergic to, medications taken, allergy response plan, list of emergency contacts, health insurance details and doctor’s phone number.


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