Infant and Baby First Aid CPR AED

First Aid Saskatoon can offer individuals of all skill levels the proper training to administer infant and baby CPR and AED training courses. Courses that include training and certification in CPR for infant victims include standard first aid, emergency first aid with CPR level “C”, stand-alone CPR level “C” and health care provider CPR (CPR HCP). All of theses training programs are offered at Saskatoon First Aid.

If the victim is a pregnant woman then you will need to find a soft object that you will need to place under the woman’s right hip. If raising the hip by 3-4 inches, this procedure will help return blood to the heart. If you are unable to procure said object then continue CPR. It is important to ensure you pinch the person’s note shut while giving breaths. When providing breaths to your victim, provide enough volume to make the chest rise but not more.If the person is wearing denture and they are in your way then you should remove them. if they are not bothering you while you provide first aid then do not remove them. Tilting the head is required to make sure breaths you provide enter the lungs. Our bodies breathe in 21% oxygen and breathe out 16% oxygen. They are enough to sustain life when you breathe into the person. A baby’s heat should only be tilted into a sniffing position. Be careful not to tilt too far back as it will close off and may cause additional damage to the airway. You should stop CPR is your own safety is immediately threatened. You may also stop performing CPR if the person begins to breathe or someone with more training arrives and is able to take over. You should also stop if you are too tired to continue. The person may vomit during the process of rescue breathing and if this is the case then turn the upper body towards you while clearing their mouth out. Then you should reposition back to their back and open the airway, check for breathing and continue with rescue breathing if necessary. For additional information please contact First Aid Saskatoon to seek workplace approved CPR AED training courses.