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Impetigo is a prevalent type of skin infection brought about by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This condition typically affects children 2-6 years of age but older children and even adults can acquire it. What are the signs? It is important to note that impetigo is generally mild, but it is highly contagious and can cause […]

Overview on edema

Edema is defined as swelling brought about by fluid trapped in the body tissues. The condition is likely to develop in the ankles, feet and legs but can affect other body parts such as the hands, face and abdomen. What are the usual causes? Due to gravity particularly from standing or sitting in one place […]

Diabetes insipidus

Diabetes insipidus is defined by an issue with the release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH). The condition is considered as a rare one. It is important to note that ADH or vasopressin regulates the amount of water released by the kidneys. The body releases more if dehydration is present or the individual is losing blood pressure. […]

Adult cellulitis

Adult cellulitis is defined as a bacterial infection that involves the skin and underlying tissues. It generally forms in the legs but can develop in any body part. Remember that this form of infection is not contagious. The condition is brought about by various strains of bacteria. The usual cause of the infection is the […]

Pufferfish poisoning

Pufferfish poisoning can occur among those who eat pufferfish. The fish is served as an Asian delicacy in some forms of sashimi and sushi. The poison present in the fish is tetrodotoxin which is one of the most toxic poisons in nature. The chef preparing dishes that include pufferfish are specially trained to slice the […]

Management of shark bites

Shark bites are known to cause significant skin and tissue damage. It is important to note that sharks possess several rows of sharp, triangular, serrated teeth. Sustaining a bite from a shark can result to massive tissue loss due to the strong biting force of the creature. Generally, most bites result to cuts that are […]

Finger dislocation

A finger dislocation is considered as a prevalent form of injury. It arises once the finger bones are moved out of their normal position. The injury can affect any finger joints but typically in the middle knuckle of the little, ring, middle or index finger. In most cases, a dislocation can be accompanied by a […]