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Can black beans trigger an allergic reaction?

Black beans are not usually known to trigger an allergic reaction. Remember though that any food can trigger a reaction. In case the individual experiences the usual allergy symptom after ingesting black beans, he/she must undergo testing for a food allergy. A diagnosis can help with proper treatment and preventing future reactions. Close look on […]

Am I allergic to wool?

Some individuals end up with reddened lumps on the skin once wool touches their skin. In most cases though, a reaction is not brought about by allergies. Instead, direct exposure of the skin often triggers irritation due to the somewhat tickly nature of some wool-based clothes or due to the presence of chemicals in the […]

Diabetic shock: What should I do?

Diabetic shock or severe hypoglycemia that is severe requires emergency treatment at home or emergency assistance. Some individuals diagnosed with diabetes who are under insulin or diabetes drugs might end up with low blood sugar levels particularly if missing a meal or exercising more than normal. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can be mild and […]

Alcoholic beverages: Can I end up with an allergic rash?

An allergic rash to alcohol typically occurs as an allergy to one of the ingredients present in certain types of alcohol or substances that alcohol is combined with in cocktails. Inability to metabolize alcohol can result to flushing that strikingly resembles a rash especially in some ethnic groups. Since allergic reactions often worsen with continuous […]

Skin rashes: What are the responsible vines?

Allergic skin rashes arise if the skin was exposed to an allergen. It is important to note that allergic contact dermatitis manifests if the body perceives a foreign substance as a threat and releases chemicals This triggers redness, swelling and itchiness characteristic of allergic skin rashes. Various vines are known to trigger these allergic reactions. […]

What is follicular eczema?

Follicular eczema develops in the hair follicles and typically found on the arms, back and upper thighs but can arise in any part of the body. Remember that eczema causes the skin to become itchy and dry. The potential causes of eczema tend to vary but several preventive measures and treatments can alleviate the discomfort. […]

Nummular eczema: Ideal home remedies

Nummular eczema is described as reddened, coin-shaped spots on the body. The treatment is the same with the other forms of eczema which focuses mainly on skin healing, itchiness relief and lessening the inflammation. A doctor should be consulted before utilizing any home remedy as treatment. Herbal creams for nummular eczema There are herbs available […]