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How to ease wrist pain

The wrist is comprised of eight carpal bones that are connected together by the ligaments. There are several nerves, tendons and blood vessels that pass through between the hand and the wrist. With this in mind, wrist pain is one of the common complaints of many individuals all over the world. There are many causes […]

Selecting the ideal knee brace

For those who are planning to purchase a knee brace, there are various choices available in the market. When looking for the right knee brace, an important consideration is to determine the type of injury or inflammation experienced by the individual. With this in mind, the individual must consult a doctor so that a proper diagnosis […]

Emergency Management for Crush Injuries and Fractures

Overview of Crush Injuries Crush injuries happen when an individual is caught between two opposing forces such as getting run over by a fast moving car, getting compressed by heavy machinery/equipment, getting crushed in-between two vehicles and getting crushed under a collapsed ceiling or rubble of a fallen building. These types of injuries are very […]

Broken nose

A broken nose or a nasal fracture refers to a crack or break of the bone in the nose. Usually the bone located over the bridge of the nose is affected. Causes Injuries resulting from contact sports such as football Physical assault Fist fights Motor vehicle accidents Falls Walking into a hard surface Boxing or […]