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Treatment for an eyebrow cut

It is a known fact that small-sized cuts can cause a lot of pain but they are rarely life-threatening. When providing basic first aid, you have to control the bleeding first, clean the wound and provide protection to the wound from bacteria and unwanted debris. An eyebrow cut can be considered somewhat complicated. The small […]

Treatment for a water moccasin snake bite

If an individual sustains a bite from a water moccasin or cottonmouth snake, immediate emergency care is important. The symptoms of a water moccasin snake bite include swelling, pain, bleeding at the site of the bite, low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting, changes in the skin color, tingling and numbness, fatigue, thirst, tissue […]

Treatment for a grease burn

Burns that are caused by exposure to boiling grease are classified as second-degree burns that necessitate appropriate care to prevent scarring or infection. Depending on the harshness of the grease burn, there are various treatment methods that can be used. In case you are uncertain on how to deal with a burn caused by exposure […]

Basic First Aid for Knee Injuries

                Knee injuries occur when there is a significant damage or trauma to the knee joint of the leg. Also considered the largest joint of the body, the knee connects the thighs to the lower legs. It allows the legs to flex and extend, enabling the legs to carry the body weight and allow vertical […]