Common neck injuries during sports

The neck or the cervical spine is comprised of a series of seven bones that are referred to as the C1-C7 vertebrae. There is an intervertebral disc that separates every vertebra while at the same time functioning as a cushion. It is important to note that these discs are responsible for protecting the spinal cord. During any type of sports, neck injuries on any part of the spine are likely to occur that requires immediate emergency care for proper assessment and treatment.


Whiplash typically occurs once the neck moves in a forward and backward motion abruptly. This is commonly referred to as the hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck. Hyperextension involves the backward movement of the neck while hyperflexion is the forward movement of the neck. The symptoms of whiplash include headaches, stiffness of the neck, dizziness and blurry vision.


Any break in one or more of the cervical bones results to a cervical fracture. Hockey, football, gymnastics and wrestling are types of sports that have the highest risk for a cervical fracture. It is vital for injured athletes to wear a neck support and kept fixed if a fracture is suspected. A complete neurological analysis is needed in order to come up with a diagnosis for a fracture. With the help of progressive technology, many players who agonize from a fracture can fully recover.

Neck strain or sprain

Muscles and ligaments are responsible for holding the seven bones of the cervical column together. If an injury causes the ligaments or muscles to tear or stretch, this results to a neck sprain or strain.

Neck injuries

If the individual sustains a hard fall or abrupt jerk, it can cause a strain or sprain. It is important to note that these injuries can occur in any type of sport.

If the individual sustains a hard fall or abrupt jerk, it can cause a strain or sprain.  It is important to note that these injuries can occur in any type of sport. The symptoms include headache, pain in the neck, muscle spasms and sore throat. The treatment for a neck sprain or strain involves stopping the sport that caused the injury. Rest and medications might be required so that full recovery can be achieved.

As common injuries, strains and sprains can be easily managed with appropriate first aid care. If you will enroll in a first aid course, you will learn the proper management of strains and sprains in order to prevent further injury.


A stinger or burner is basically a severe pain associated with the nerves situated in the neck. This is quite common among football players but can also occur in other sports such as cycling, wrestling and gymnastics. Once the shoulder of an individual sustains a hard hit, a stinger will run down the neck up to the arm. It is important to note that stingers typically subside after several minutes but would require medical attention if the burning sensations persists.


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