What is scabies?

Scabies is a skin condition brought about by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. If not treated, the mites can thrive on the skin for several months. The mites multiply on the skin surface and burrow and lay eggs which results to a reddened, itchy rash on the skin.

Remember that this skin condition is highly transmittable where it can spread from one individual to another via direct contact. The mites also spread via infested bedding or clothing.

Even though bothersome, an infestation can be treated effectively. The treatment generally includes drugs that eliminate the scabies mites and eggs. Due to its contagious nature, the doctor might suggest treatment for the entire household who are exposed to an individual with scabies.

What are the signs?

After the first exposure to scabies, it might take 6 weeks for the symptoms to arise. The signs typically manifest rapidly among those who had scabies before.


The distinctive signs of scabies include rashes and intense itchiness that worsens at night.

The distinctive signs of scabies include rashes and intense itchiness that worsens at night. If the area is scratched continuously, it leads to the formation of sores that are at high risk for infection. In such cases, further treatment with antibiotics might be recommended.

Management of scabies

The management for scabies normally involves getting rid of the infestation with the help of prescription creams, lotions and ointments that are directly applied on the skin. In some cases, oral medications are also used.

The doctor will instruct the application of medication at night time when the mites are highly active. The entire body from the neck down should be treated. The medication can be washed off the next morning. The individual should carefully follow the instructions given by the doctor. This topical treatment might be repeated after 7 days.


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