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Front neck pain: What are the possible causes?

Neck pain can be caused by various ailments that involve the neck ligaments, muscles, nerves, vertebrae and spinal discs. The pain might arise in any region of the neck including the front area. When it comes to front neck pain, it can be brought about by various medical conditions, traumatic injuries and throat infections. Common […]

Head injuries

Head injuries must be treated seriously due to the possibility of damage to the brain. Oftentimes, the damage might not be evident even hours after the injury occurs. Head injuries such as a concussion, skull fracture, brain compression is difficult to determine for a first aider. What are the indications? Altered state of consciousness that […]

Concussion: What are the severe symptoms?

A concussion occurs once the head strikes an object or a moving object hits the head. The impact sustained can momentarily disrupt with the normal functioning of the brain. Contact sports, falls and vehicular accidents are the usual causes of concussions. When an individual sustained a concussion, it can affect judgment, memory and speech. In […]