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Cinnamon allergy: What are the signs?

Individuals who suffer from unusual reactions after eating or touching cinnamon might have cinnamon allergy. It is important to note that the specific signs of an allergic reaction vary for everyone. If an individual is suspected with cinnamon allergy, a doctor must be seen for proper diagnosis and start suitable treatment options. Contact dermatitis Contact […]

Latex condom allergy: What are the signs?

Some individuals experience allergy symptoms if a latex condom is used. In such cases, the symptoms are usually minor. Nevertheless, repeated exposure to latex can lead to severe and oftentimes a deadly reaction. If the symptoms of latex condom allergy arise, a doctor should be seen for other birth control alternatives. Rash A rash typically […]

How is facial cellulitis treated?

Facial cellulitis is brought about by a bacterial infection affecting the tissue beneath the skin. This form of infection typically arises once bacteria enters via a wound or other form of skin trauma. Antibiotics The commonly used treatment for facial cellulitis are antibiotics. For mild cases, oral antibiotics are usually given. Since the infection can […]

Joint pain: What are the culprits?

Joint pain triggered by food generally stems from gout. The condition is triggered by the elevated amounts of uric acid in the body that crystallize and deposit in the tissues and joints. This results to inflammation that results to joint pain and rigidity. The foods that are rich in purines can lead to excess uric […]

Are juniper berries toxic?

Juniper berries are utilized in herbal medicine as well as flavoring for certain foods and even gin. Even though labelled as berries, they are part of the cone and not an actual berry. Most can safely ingest juniper berries in the amounts utilized in food, but some should avoid consuming them in medicinal doses. Usage […]